Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day Late, and still behind...

I haven't had much time for art this week. The house we are remodeling for resale is in it's final inside detail stage, and that's where I come in. On past projects, I have been there every step of the way, but this time, the heavy construction has fallen to Mr. How2 and our nephew. They have been mostly living on site, both for security and the distance, with the occasional visit home for food and laundry. I have been keeping the "home fires burning" mostly working on our extensive garden and lawn. I am still behind, and scrambling to catch up...

 Usually a rainy day is a fantastic excuse to stay in and be creative, but not so much these last few. I am setting tile and grouting today, and spent yesterday scrubbing down the job-site, no creativity at all, I am sad to say. But it's what we do, our livelihood, so we do what we must. 

We have had an unusual amount of visitors this spring, and though no one is staying long, it does take a while to get the house "guest ready" after so much time painting and planting! I just hope none of them want a tour of the downstairs, the place where all our excess junk goes to hide and reproduce. It has gotten so bad, I now need a machete, a pith helmet and a GPS to find the laundry room...

   I have continued to work small, even more now out of necessity and this is my latest little sweetie!
Only 4"x4", on canvas board. I could really see a series of these, maybe a collection of four, to be grouped together, or one more small, and a 8"x10" for added contrast. Lets see how the house project comes along, and then go from there. In the mean time, I am working on a small commission piece, as well as a collection of ATC's for a very sweet lady, and I am almost finished!

I had to skip Every Inchie Monday yesterday, but please still go check out all the other entries on their blog. Until next time...enjoy!


  1. I always wanted to remodel a house...sounds like such fun and also so exhausting. I'm impressed you still find time to be creative...love your sweet dreams...yes! A series of them would be perfect. :)

  2. Hi Shelly, thanks for stopping by. It really is amazing to remodel a house, we have reclaimed some really dilapidated shacks into warm and cozy homes. It feels wonderful to walk through after months of scrubbing, demolishing and painting, and envision it filled with a young family, making it a home. But it is exhausting as well, and it is difficult to make color and material choices for people we haven't met. I just think of it as a really huge craft project!

  3. Sweet painting, super sweet! I hope you will sort your house out soon.

  4. i love your SWEET DREAMS... a wonderful reminder that beautiful doesn't need to be huge. Love these small formats. The colors you chose are so peaceful. Probably the opposite of what you are living right now with home renovations. :-( Glad you took time out for artwork. xoxo