Monday, June 27, 2011

Another poem from my creative writing class, hope you enjoy it...

Contrary Muse
by sallyrose

When she wants attention,
she is avid and starved.
With demands she winds round
and commands.
No regard to the time,
no mercy, no sleep.
Write now, thoughts sharp claws
in my mind.

When she is this way,
any pencil will do,
or crayon, or charcoal,
or chalk.
Any paper or page, or
an envelope used.
Every stalked slip or scrap
is fair game.

Phrases and segments,
pieced or whole cloth,
slink through my mind
and then rest.
Fragments of lines,
strings dangle and tease,
then suddenly torn
and in shreds.

Just as we've settled
in sociable peace,
and I envision
her faithful rapport,
she hisses and claws,
makes fast her escape.
Gone walk-about days
at a time.

Nothing, no note,
not even a rhyme,
will answer the sound of
my call.
Endless hours of waiting,
of wandering the hills.
But only a blank
paper stare.

She's frustrating to live with,
but impossible without.
and mostly a privilege
to know.
Just when I think
that I've tamed this arch beast,
she's gone and I'm left with
no poem.

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