Friday, June 17, 2011

Permissable Dreams part 1

This is part one of a short story I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I'll post it in at least three parts, hope you enjoy it...

“No! No way, no how, ain't gonna happen!” Ellie said.
“What do you mean, no, I thought you’d like it?” said Janine.

“Like it! After the last time, are you kidding?”

“After the…? Wait, what are you talking about?” asked Janine.

“I’m talking about the Great Jam Fiasco, that’s what I’m talking about! It took us weeks to scrape the burnt sugar off your stove! There is no way I’m helping you with another cooking experiment!”

Janine and her best friend Ellie were at Macy's, having a long awaited girl's day out.

“I wasn’t asking about the beans, Ellie, I was asking if you want this rooster on your wedding register. Besides, most of the jam turned out OK. I don’t know why you’re so upset. I thought it was fun.” She gestured towards the ceramic soup tureen, set amongst a display of country kitchen dishes and red gingham napkins.

“Not hardly! The smoke alarm going off, the firemen at the door. God! It was embarrassing!”

“Hah, embarrassing my backside! As I recall, you ended up dating one of those firemen for six months. He was gorgeous!”

“Humph! Doesn’t matter, I still get the stink eye from that old bat living down the hall from you, glares at me every time I walk by. Oh, those are pretty, quick, scan ‘em!” she said, pointing at a set of lead crystal dessert dishes.

“Not the rooster though? Come on, he’s awful cute, and look, he’s a soup tureen, wouldn’t that be a real conversation starter at your next dinner party?” Janine asked.

“No, I don’t think so, he doesn’t really match my kitchen, he’d be perfect for you though, Janine, I think he matches that tray you found last month.”

“You know, I think he does. Well, I’ll think about it, in the mean time, about those beans, Mrs. Maldonado says it’s a no fail recipe.”

“Ha, if anyone can make it fail, it’ll be you, Janine. Besides, if you want good Mexican food, let’s go to that new place on 10th, you know, the one George told us about.”

“Wow, that was harsh, girl friend, way to pull your punches.” Janine grimaced, knowing Ellie was right.

“Sorry, Hon, but you know it’s true, you suck at anything requiring a stove. Or oven, or pot, or spoon…”

“Ha, aren’t you just a riot. Fine, I’ll figure it out alone, it just can’t be that hard! Oh, hey check this out, wouldn’t this be perfect with that awful lamp your Aunt Mindy gave you? Want me to scan it?” Janine gestured with the scanner she held towards a porcelain figurine of a shih tzu puppy. Ellie looked at the oversized myopic eyes and shuddered.

“Don’t you dare! That lamp will be the first thing to fall off the table, just as soon as David and I move into our new place.”

“Alright, if your sure? Hey, why isn’t David here doing this with you, I mean, it’s his apartment too, shouldn’t he have a say?” Janine asked.

“You’re kidding right? Mister Milk Crates and Lawn Chairs? Have you seen that wagon wheel coffee table? I swear I’m gonna pay the movers to drop it off the truck!” Ellie said, gesturing dramatically with her hands. “No, he told me to do anything I want, he just wants a really big bed and a comfy chair to watch the game, all else is trifling.”

“Does he really talk like that?”

“Oh yeah, and I LOVE it!” Ellie replied “I could sit and listen to him babble for hours!” She gave an exaggerated dreamy sigh and fluttered her lashes dramatically.

“Yes folks, it is a fact, the girl is in love!” said Janine. They both laughed and moved on to the next display.

“Hey, Janine…about those beans?”


“What time do you want me to come over?”
To be part 2...

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