Monday, January 2, 2012

Gadabout Artist Days 15-17: Quartzsite and Camping in the Desert

The 15th day out was almost all about travel, we drove south from Ash Fork, way up a mountain, topping off at 6100' and a slow, very slow winding down the other side, into the lowlands. It was a nerve wracking drive, the down side was so steep and so winding, we hardly breathed, and crawled along at 30 miles an hour. Mark that route off the list for next year, there has got to be a better way...

  We got into Quartzsite in the early afternoon on New Years Day, so of course, everything was closed. It was a nice quiet evening, we got full hookups and showered, cooked and went for a stroll down the street. We spent a few hours reading up on all the craft shows and rock and gem shows, and generally making plans for the following day. I also started a four week online class with Traci Bautista, called Creative Doodling, and I am having a lot of fun exploring this free spirited way of making art. Here is my first week "assignment"...
 I had to work with a few substitutions, and on a much smaller scale than the lesson intended, but I am happy with the results. I think it would make a great background for either ATCs or a collage canvas...

 It is difficult to describe this town. It starts with about 2000 permanent residents, and swells to around 150,000 in January and February, all in RVs. Every inch of space is packed cheek to jowl with motorhomes, campers, trailers, trucks and vans, and everyone of them has a tent set up and is selling something!

 We have walked around town now for two days, and still there is no end in sight. Believe it or not, this is just the beginning! The "real shows" haven't really begun, they are scheduled for this week end and for every week from here until the end of February, and just a bit into March. Right now there are a couple of Gem and Mineral shows happening, and I am having a very hard time resisting the BEADS! Every color, shape and size you can imagine!

The prices vary from wholesale, to retail, to sky high to dirt cheap, with no rhyme or reason to them, other than what the market will bear.

Then there is the can choose to stay in a RV park, if you book the previous year, or you can "dry" camp, or "boondock" out on the surrounding BLM lands which are vast and free of charge. There is also a middle ground, called LTVAs and there you can stay for a ridiculously small price for months at a time. You have to drive into town now and again for water and a sewer dump, or there are clever resourceful souls, that truck these services right out to you. We are only staying one more night here, so we chose the short term site. Then we are off to Tucson to visit my niece and nephew, and my new little grand niece! Until next time...enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the update, Sally! Sounds like you are getting into it!

  2. Thanks Janet, I am getting used to this, and the sunshine is amazing! I am burned out on shopping the gem show, I just don't do jewelry much anymore, and it is hard to resist the beads. I could go broke in just one booth! I am saving some for the swap meets in Yuma, I found some great deals there last year, so I want to play there again this year. My cousin says to save some cash for Mexico, she raves about the shopping across the border! Thanks for reading my blog, at least somebody does! :)

  3. I read your blog as you put them up............I am traveling with you and mr.how2. I know what you mean about the beads, I would for sure go broke too and yes there is only so much you can stare at rocks I love them but enough is enough. I have heard Mexico is well worth visiting and you get some great stuff for cheap cheap cheap........good luck on your next adventure and by the way dear friends we miss you much........

  4. We miss you too, I am loving to warm weather, but I am NOT a person to just sit...I have got to talk to people and find out what the heck they DO all day down here!