Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello again, and thank you for visiting! I really had the best of intentions, but once again I found myself overwhelmed with the various tasks of running a small shop. I have yet to learn the fine art of tax reporting, and that has consumed my time for a while now. My January classes are up and running, I am having a lot of fun getting to know my clientele, and myself as an instructor. This morning was Tangle Tuesday, and though the class was small, we did pretty well. This afternoon I will be hosting a birthday party, with eleven 7 year old girl, and that should be interesting and exciting.

We heard from our Air Force daughter, and have started receiving her letters, finally! She is doing well, and looking forward to graduation, one month from today! I am still writing her each day, and am including my little sketches, sometimes it is the only art I get a chance to do. 
These little sketches, done in pen and marker, are a real change for me. My challenge to myself is to refuse the use of a pencil. I start with a permanent pen, and have to live with what happens. This is a great way to free yourself up from worry over perfection. No such thing, so why agonize over it? They turn out silly, goofy and sometimes strange. But my daughter loves them, and shares them with the other girls in her flight. She says they look forward to each one, and sometimes they are the only thing to make them smile that day. I can't ask for much more than to have my art create joy in someone else! 

If only for a brief moment, during a rough day...
Well, I better sign off and prep the classroom for the party! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and that 2013 will be wonderful for you and yours!
Until next time...enjoy!

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