Monday, December 19, 2011

Gadabout Artist: Days 1-2...

We left on our first RV trip yesterday, at noon. Yep, that's right, it took us most of the day just to finish the last minute stuff, and say goodbye to the family. We only made it as far as Wenatchee, WA, and since it was getting dark, we decided to stop for the night in the parking lot of Walmart. Not a very auspicious ending to our first day out, but very convenient for all the little things we needed to finish turning our little RV into our new home. I must say there is a very friendly group of people working at the Wenatchee Walmart, they were just super, and didn't need to be, nice huh? We turned in early, and woke to a few more delays. There was a fine freezing drizzle, and our wiper blades decided to stop wiping... So we waited for the auto parts store to open, had some breakfast, and I worked on this little 4"x4" canvas;

My goal on this trip will be to do one small canvas a day, and post it here for you to see, and to finally spend sometime remembering how to crochet, and make myself a shawl. I didn't get very far on the shawl, still trying different patterns, but I will show my progress as I go.
 Here is Mr. How2, driving;
The rest of the day was gloomy and overcast, and atone point, and solid pea soup fog. We climbed up and over Satus Pass, into the clear evening sky, then dropped down into it again. Until we passed Goldendale, WA and cleared the Oregon border, things were getting pretty dicey. Visibility was nearly zero. Then we broke down under the fog, and headed west along I-84, and it was clear sailing all the way to The Dalles, OR. We are stopped now for the night at a truck stop, and will continue west in the morning. At this point we have pretty much decided to head south along the coast, Hwy 101, and avoid as many passes as we can. Looks like the coast is supposed to be clear weather for the next week, we will see...

*Things I miss; my kitten snuggling up with me at night.

*Things I love; the fact that as soon as we stop, we are home, no looking for a restaurant or hotel.


  1. My in-laws RV and they love it. Neither of them are artists though, so there is no "secret stash" in every nook and cranny. Using maps from your travels may make interesting artwork too. Sorry you miss your kitty. My in-laws traveled with their dog for years before he passed. I don't know how well cats take to the RV life. Your art looks great!

  2. XOX Really enjoyed this post, but that last line is wonderful - we are home...... <3 Happy, safe travels!! XOX

  3. So cool, Sally! I LOVE the blow by blow! OMG, the RV stories I will share with you when you get here!

  4. Lynda, I love the idea of using maps in my work, I even brought some along! Renee, Thanks for the safe wishes, and Janet, glad you are enjoying the story, I sure hope we get to meet in person! When will you actually be there?