Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gadabout Artist: Days 4-5

Sorry I couldn't post last night, we camped at a park that had no cell coverage. The one we are at tonight has it, but it is a bit spotty, so I better make this short and sweet.
 We did a lot of walking yesterday, mostly up and down. As in up and down the beach, up and down cliffs, and up and down stairs! We walked all over Cape Lookout beach in the morning, mostly enjoying the waves and sunshine, but also beach-combing for treasures. I didn't find any glass, and only mussels shells, so I really didn't find anything to add to my collection. As we drove south, we came to Lincoln City, and the sign that caught my eye was Jennifer L. Sears Glass Art Studio. We pulled in and found that their specialty was the chance for the average person to make their own blown glass float. I did not take the chance to do it myself, as anything you make must cool down slowly in a kiln for 18 hours, and we did not want to wait. But we stayed to watch a young girl make one, and it was pretty amazing...

After the glass studio, we headed further south towards the town of Depoe Bay, where whale watching is the huge thing. We stayed around at the Whale Watching Center, but didn't spot any, though this is apparently the right time of year for it.
  Further south, we came to the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and, I did not make up the name, they are very pleased about the area and named it that themselves. :) It really was beautiful, and though the walk was very long, and up hill on the way back, it was worth it. There is a tidal pool area, and a lovely pod of sea lions lay basking in the rare sun. Such a treat. We went up inside the lighthouse, all the way to the top, legs wobbling and stomach twisting the whole time. The view was phenomenal, but that might only be the lightheadedness talking.

  After the tour of the lighthouse, we headed back up north a short way, and settled into Beverly Beach State Park for the evening. As I mentioned before, no cell coverage, so we got to sleep early, after working on a few small canvases. We are finding it a bit difficult to see all the things we want to see, as the sun goes down so early. We have to start looking for a campsite half way through the day, or risk searching in the dark. This is a very bad way to find a campsite, trust me, we tried it and it is very stressful!

When we woke this morning, we headed out to the beach again, but still got skunked on the beach-combing. A short drive into Newport, and we ended up on the Bayfront District, lots of cute shops, attractions and fresh seafood. We saw the Undersea Garden, wandered the shops, and had a crab dinner at Mo's, a popular local spot.

  Then there was another very long hike back up to the RV, and a quick hop over to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Yeah, they used that name a lot here. A very nicely kept museum, staffed by volunteers that love their jobs, and love to chat! We headed across the Yaquina Bay Bridge, and around the loop to the Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, where I got to play in the artificial tidal pools, and learned a ton about star fish, sea anemones and sea urchins.

Mr. How2 got to stop at the Rogue Brewery, and sampled a couple of their more bizarrely named ales, and then it was dark, and time to find our site for the night. A few miles down the road, and a few missed opportunities to stop, we found the Tillicum Beach Campground. A dry camp, as in no hookups, but we were starting to feel a little too pampered the last couple nights, so...
  Until tomorrow, enjoy...

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  1. Oh this is going to be great- following your journey and living vicariously!! This sounds like such a fun day- enjoy and I can't wait to read more!