Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter? Hmmm...

Now that I am in the habit of blogging almost every day, I have decided to keep at it by participating in Creative Every Day, at least for this last month of 2011. The theme for December is "winter". Lets see where this leads me as an artist...

      Well, I would be the first to admit, I am not a huge fan of winter. Too many years growing up in the frigid cold of this will be more than just a creative challenge for me, lets see if I can find positive things about this season and clever ways to depict them. Here is my first, a sketch using a photo as a model and soft oil pastels...I plan to use this little sweetie in a collage, as soon as my replacement ink cartridge arrives and I can reprint her a little bit smaller. I ordered a set two weeks ago, and the color one arrived defective. The company was very gracious about the whole thing, and have sent out a new one. Enjoy...


  1. She is enjoying just tasting the snow and feeling the icy wind. I hope you get your supplies soon. She is beautifully drawn in your oil pastels:)

  2. So cute. Love it. Definitely think you found something joyful about the season. Beautiful.

  3. This is GORGEOUS!! Great work! It is beautifully done - the face is incredible. Thanks for posting!

  4. you have captured the look on her face perfectly... looks great... enjoyed my first visit to your blog ...xx

  5. She captures what I remember of snow as a kid, okay, adult. It's so much fun to catch snowflakes on my tongue.