Thursday, November 10, 2011

AEDM: Day 2 (10) Background papers

   In keeping with my post yesterday, today I am making my own art papers to use in my paintings. I made this sheet using a 5x7 scrap of watercolor paper, water color paint, foam stamps, bubble wrap, shelf liner and acrylic craft paint. The plan is to make a large assortment of my own paper samples that I can print copies of and use to my hearts content.
   I like this idea because;
1: It is my own work, so I get to skip worrying about the whole copyright thing.
2: I can make as many copies as I want or need.
3: No problem color coordinating with my piece.
    Here you can see the original paper, and under it, an enlargement on plain copy paper. I simply ran the sample through my scanner, and selected "fit to page", and copy. It is maybe a little too monochromatic, but I think I can work with it...


  1. Fabulous! Really love the ideas!

  2. They are wonderful, Sally! Three weeks ago I wouldn't have thought I could do it, but thanks to your support and inspiration, I'm confident now that I can! You're a gem!

  3. You are so clever, Sally! And thanks for sharing with us. I love this idea.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement that I CAN DO IT, too!

  5. I love making backgrounds like this in my art journal but never thought of scanning them and printing them to use again -duh! Love this piece - very me :)