Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AEDM: Day 16 Inspiration for a new piece and first sketch...

My hubby and I finally got away for a couple of well earned, long time in coming, nights together. We went to a VERY rustic cabin in the woods, the kind of rustic that means hauling firewood, a temperamental stove and putting on your boots and coat to go to the was quiet, restful and very very cold. We ended up racing a bad storm down the mountain, and are happy to be snug at home as we watch it piling up outside. I didn't have a chance to paint while I was there, but I did get an inspiration for my next piece and sketched out the focal image. Tomorrow I will begin a background canvas for her. I have a pretty good idea where this one is going (that's new for me)! :) Thanks for looking, enjoy...


  1. Good for you, Sally! I'm taking the "She Art class" right now, and hope to be doing people soon!

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  3. Thanks, glad she turned out alright. I printed her out this morning onto a lighter weight drawing paper, and then used the oil pastels to color her in. It turned out well, I will post them today, along with the background, I hope. Janet, I will have to check out the She Art Class I don't think I have heard of that one before...