Wednesday, November 9, 2011

AEDM: First for me; I am always a late bloomer!

In my quest to create art everyday, I have certain criteria I must meet, mostly... it must be portable! My hubby wants to do the RV thing and that means I must think of ways to carry my supplies with me and be able to work in small places. So I have started to sketch more, something I rarely do, but I am really beginning to enjoy it. Perhaps these sketches will be printed and later combined into new art on a larger scale, you never know. I drew these birds last evening while watching TV, then added the color with my Inktense pencils. I love the bright blend-able colors, and I get better control than with a brush. I have already started cutting them out, so I can scan them into my computer...


  1. very nice birds! and great idea to use them for a larger piece.

  2. hmmm...never heard of inktense. i'll have to check them out. good luck with AEDM!