Tuesday, November 29, 2011

AEDM Day 29: Experiments with Foam Stamp Making...

 I finally got a chance to go to the dollar store, and score some fun-foam shapes to try the new heat tool/rubber stamp technique that Rachel Payne so graciously shared with us last week. She posted about a tutorial by Tracy Bunkers;
and I have been wanting to try it every since... Thank you Rachel and Traci!
I found these cute little foam puzzles, which were the perfect size after trimming the nubs off. So here I tried them with a crochet doily...
a locket...
and some lace...
Here is a picture of the finished stamps, and the images they make...
I really like how they turned out, I can see a lot of uses in my art. The best part? Well there are two, actually, they are cheap, cheap, cheap to make, and when I messed one up, I just reheated it and the mistake disappeared! Now I am running around the house looking for other interesting things to copy. Give it a try, I think you will like it too. Enjoy...


  1. They look great - what a wonderful idea!

  2. Get out of town! What a great idea. How did I miss this. You did a great job and sourcing at the dollar store - Brillant!

  3. I missed it too! I saw the stack of flip flops but didn't process what she did with them. Holy Mackerel!! I LOVELOVELOVE! I'm getting to the dollar store tomorrow. I think I hear angels singing.

    xoxox L

  4. So awesome! I can't wait to try it

  5. I love them!!! Thanks for sharing. Did you notice how well the three patterns look together -- just like they are a set.

  6. Earlier today I was reading a post where someone had made and used foam stamps. It looked so cool that I thought "I must find out how!"...and here you are with your awesome foam stamps! Thanks for sharing, and for having such great timing :)

  7. The dollar store ummm. Need to try this. The Traci Bunkers tutorial was wonderful. I love this idea. The fleur-de-lis is my favorite. Nice