Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween ATC 2...

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day 11!

I am in a hurry to get outside and work on the yard clean-up, prepping everything for winter. So today I only  have another ATC for you to see. 

As I have been cleaning and raking and rummaging through my storage/tool sheds, I am amazed how much clutter and junk can be accumulated over time. It is especially bad for Mr. How2 and me, because we remodel houses and own a couple rentals.  We end up with useful looking scraps, extra fixtures, and abandon items all the time. It isn't in my nature to be wasteful, so it all goes into my overflowing sheds, until we find a need for it or it is destroyed by pack-rats. 

This is a habit I am trying hard to break, but it has taken years to build this kind of jumble, and it is consuming months of my life to rid myself of it. I haul off truckloads to charity and post items on Facebook to sell or give away. I have been moderately successful. I try to celebrate this by calling my best friend and doing what we have dubbed, "The Empty Space Dance". We sometimes take it a step further, and reward ourselves with a trip into town for an espresso shake. 

But every time I open another door, there is another pile, waiting to be sorted, cleaned or thrown. I have a dream, that someday the sheds will be all but bare, and what is left will be carefully sorted and labeled. But at times like this, I wonder if that dream is achievable. Right now I am not feeling the joy, more like a grim determination to trudge through this before the snow flies...

Until next time...enjoy!


  1. you my friend are going to achieve this dream. As it has taken years to stock pile your junk it too will take time to sort and label. Hang in there you are doing a fantastic the way I reallllllllllly need a triple shot

  2. Amen sister! Right back at cha! I have a new idea for tackling the big stuff, and may need a serious dose by the end of the day! Pictures to follow! ;-)