Friday, October 19, 2012

Last, But Not Least...

Welcome to Blogtoberfest Day 19!

Here is my last Halloween ATC, they are bundled and sent to their new homes...
Here is where digital collage can really shine. I love the way this image from a vintage dress pattern could be manipulated to look so ghostly. I had a lot of fun with this one!
But I am glad I am finished, I have a new and exciting project coming up, and all my energies will be pointed in a different direction for a while. 
Last week I was inspired by one of my fellow Flytribe members announcement that she was finally realizing her dream of opening a retail store. Linnie Blooms Shop & Create.

  As I read her announcement, and her description of all she plans for her shop, I realized I had waited long enough. I too have always wanted a brick and mortar store. A place to sell the many things I make, as well as host art classes and sell art supplies. I have a passion for all things vintage, and my collection from over the years would give a certain flair to the displays. 
The very next day, I drove into our little town, looking at empty storefronts. I found the perfect spot, and had a lovely morning chatting with other shop owners up and down the street. I was so excited about my plans, I called immediately for a showing. That night, I went online and applied for my business license and registered my trade name; Hidden Talents! Three days later, lease in hand, I am equal parts ecstatic and terrified, and having the time of my life! The first order of business was to pare down the essential mission statement to something that would fit on a sign and business cards. 

Yesterday was my first day shopping for furnishings, and it was very successful. I found a sweet vintage desk and a changing table, both will make wonderful display shelving. The next few days will be consumed with prepping the sales floor, and arranging for all the business end of things like phone, WiFi, banking, etc...
Then the ordering and stocking. Somewhere in there, I have to figure  out how to get this sign painted onto two 8' sheets of plywood to replace the previous tenants dog grooming sign. I may be learning how to use scaffolding this week...I will keep you posted as this project progresses. 
Until next time...enjoy!

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  1. Awesome!!! A true Brave that you leaped!!! You are an inspiration! I wish you MUCH success!!! Fly girl FLY!!! :)